Sunday, March 1, 2009


I remember when I use to play "HIDE AND GO GET IT"! "HIDE AND GET IT" is a ghetto game that little boys play with little girls where the little girls go hide and the little boys go find them and feel on they undeveloped titties and booties and shit. Do y'all remember that game? Man my dick would be so hard coming back home for dinner after feeling on them young ass booties when I was 8 years old. But that was in the good ole days when just feeling on a bitch booty would make you cum. 2009 came around and folks...THE GAME HAS CHANGED! Now everybody got a cell phone, a blue tooth, a laptop, and people are more doing more freaky shit NOW THAN EVER! A nigga would use to be glad just to see a titty nipple when I was in high school. But these days...a titty nipple wont even make most nigga's dick jump. Hell....pussy don't even make nigga's dick jump anymore. NOW...NIGGA'S WANT.....THEY WANT.....THE BOOTY HOLE?????????? WHAT PART OF THE GAMEEEEEEEEEEEEEE IS THIS? People are fucking and licking people asses like its syrup off of a Popeye's biscuit and this SHIT GOT TO STOP! In this blog,

"IS YOUR BOOTY HOLE NEGOTIABLE?" Without further or due, I shall begin the recitation of this blog.

1) "Preezy...I'm confused.....where does doo doo come from?"

Good question. The last time I checked, DOO DOO COMES FROM YOUR ASS! For all you "doo doo hole" invaders out there, I have a question: Why do you put your fingers or dicks in holes where diarrhea comes out? I ain't gonna lie...I have shitty days sometimes. Let's face it: WE ALL HAVE THOSE KIND OF SHITTY DAYS! many time have you washed your nigga draws and it look like somebody stepped on a snicker bar and pasted it in his briefs? Please understand that when your putting your lips, fingers, or dicks in people's asses that doo doo comes out of there!

2) Aye Pat...I cant help it...I love licking ass or getting my ass licked I always wondered why your breath smelled like brontosaurus balls. Maybe it's because...YOU LICK ASS! Now you know why nobody wants to go no where with your feces breath smelling ass. People ain't got time to be kicking it with folks who breath smell like recycled shit crumbs! Why do you like to lick ass in the first place? I know there is something else you could be doing. Can't you just read the bible or something? And what nigga in his right mind bend his ass over so some bitch can tongue fuck your booty hole with her tongue?

And then what do you do when your done? You kiss the bitch don't you? Now both y'all breath smell like a 24 hour fitness locker room. How can you respect people who LICK ASS? I know some of you ass lickers got kids right? Please tell me you don't kiss your kids in the mouth before they go to school with that hydroxycut breath. No wonder why your kids get made fun of at recess! Please stop this madness!

3) Patrick...I'm a man who likes a finger in my ass...does that make me gay?

I am glad you asked that question. You ask questions that make me THINK! Any man who lets ANYBODY put ANYTHING in his ass is INDEED GAY! I am not saying that being gay is a bad thing *shout out to the gays that visit the page*. But please don't say your heterosexual when you like Budweiser bottle caps being stuck in and out your ass! Someone sent me a message saying that there boyfriend likes her to put her finger in his ass while she gives him head. What does that tell me? That tells me you suck dick so bad that this nigga is turning gay and your helping him in the process. ANY NIGGA ask you to do anything to his ass, please leave him alone immediately. It wont be long before other shit start going in his ass.

4) Preezy...I'm a man or woman who loves getting fucked in the ass...the sensation is so great...

First off....the ass hole is not a sexual organ. The ass hole is for shitting out unwanted KFC, Taco Bell, and chitlins that your Auntie Gladys makes at Thanksgiving. However, some of you nasty bastards have decided that you are going to start cumming out of your ass hole. Supposedly there is a sensation that men and women can receive out of anal penetration. Here is the question I have for you: BITCH WHY? Some chicks have even told me their ass holes get wet like pussies. I suggest you stop pouring lime flavored Powerade in your ass hole before you go to sleep at night. That will
stop all the wetness. I have been jacking off almost 10 years now and I am just fine cumming out my dick head *YES VIVID* I know women can play with their pussies and cum. But some of y'all is just TOOOOOOO damn freaky! How you going to bust a nut out of your booty?

5) I'm a nigga who love fucking women in they ass...if they let me hit it I'm gonna take it

What you going to do if the bitch shit on your dick while you fucking her?

EVERYBODY DON'T CLEAN THEY ASS OUT! It's not like you can take your ass hole to the car wash and get that shit vacuumed out! The booty hole don't work that way. And why you got your dick in the bitch booty anyways? Anything a bitch will do with you, she has or will do with another nigga. How can you even respect a chick who say "OOO DADDY PUT THE DICK IN MY ASS!"

Let's go back to the normal way in 09.

*Doc Lex Second Opinion*

as a medical paraprofessional and having been in the medical field for 8 years and finishing up my nursing degree, i have a pretty decent knowledge on things that involve the body and "Anal Activites" are alot more hazardous than people realize. and here is why:

1. The anus is a sespool for bacteria and your changes of contracting ANY STD are greatly multiplied when involved in anal sex. so in case you're thinking "i don't want to get her pregnant, so i'll fuck her in the ass", you WILL get something far worse.

2. For all you "Booty Buffet" types, eating ass also increases your chances of contracting Hepatitis. WASTE comes out of that hole, meaning, the shit your body DOESN'T need and a shit load of toxins (literally). so just visualize sucking on some toxic waste next time you want some "Tossed Salad".

3. Females (and some of you alternative dudes), anal sex will DESTROY your rectum. your rectum is held to your body by thin membranes so thats its basically floating in your body. constant pulling and tugging on that from you trying to "beat it out the frame" will cost it to prolapse ala "Ava Divine'ing" yourself. the mucous that lubricates it is not like the pussy so its not gonna have the same "wear and tear" as a pussy, its alot worse. years down the line, you will end up shitting on yourself because it will NOT contract and reshape like a pussy will. also, you can develop what is known as a "Rectovaginal Fistula" which is a hole in between the skin membranes between the two which basically will cause SHIT to come out of your pussy. and yes, THAT is VERY common.

4. "Shit Pit" diving is just gross. i've never done it, but i don't want my room smelling like busted ass. if i can't stand your farts, do i want my dick smelling like one? and what people fail to realize is that porn stars get enemas BEFORE the scenes so they are cleaned out. i HIGHLY doubt your girl is "Ass Douching" before you fuck because nobody really "schedules" gettin "booty blasted", so more than likely your bitch still has Taco Bell left overs in her ass while you're back there "Fappin".

so, before you decide to take a journey down the "Doo Doo Dungeon", please take some of that shit to heart.

Doc Lex...out.


  1. WOW, im bout speechless, um that was always my simple logic to it. SHIT COMES OUT OF THERE, NO NO NO! its so so simple, feces, the source of much bacteria and vile things. its like wow, just like no1 wants to eat "something" pussy who wants to deal with a hole thats nasty no matter who you are 24/7.

  2. ol dick in the booty ass females *stink face*. I remember this girl was "rumored" to have licked this dudes booty hole in high school, ive always looked at her strange afta that...u know wut. i dont wanna talk about this smh