Thursday, March 5, 2009


I wonder a lot why people come to me with their problems....or why they trust my advice so much.. Is it that they treasure my opinions because I've been thru a lot or is it just they wonder what I think.... makes u wonder right? Sometimes you sit back and reflect on times that remind you of great to moderately good times in your lives that make you think things could be better.Then other times you think about your vices, problems and reflect on times that are beyond your control and you wonder how much worse things could get or how great you wish it could be.

Somewhere in between those two periods of space and times lost I found that I am my own worse enemy. No one judges me like I do, no one picks my brain the way I do and no one praise my efforts the way I do. A lot of people like to throw religious beliefs in the equation but I truly think that religion is a scapegoat. Its like put all your faith in something you can't see and you no longer have to own up to your own issues, but I believe in tackling your own issues whether its on your own or with the help of those you love or care dearly about, its whatever you prefer.
I still feel I'm my own worst enemy and maybe I don't open up enough to people who care about me to talk about why I think that... but that's me.

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