Sunday, March 8, 2009


To splurge on large gifts for a girl or boy that you like but don't know very well.
John was trickin' when he bought an expensive handbag for a cute girl that he had only spoke to once before.

I know alot of nigga's just got their tax returns and they are going "CWRAZY".People are acting like T.I this month.Income tax money don't last long!!!!! People think they rich, never saw that much money in a check!!!!! that's SAD...but what's sadder is people trickin off their money off for a piece of that ass. WAKE UP fella's.....once you're broke curtains for you. While you're @ home struggling to pay your bills.....the girl you was trickin off with is fucking "Ashy Dick Danny" now. This is common nowadays. I'm sure you seen people with "stacks of money" as their profile picture. I bet y'all friend requests went up didn't it? I bet it did dummy. You're making yourself a target. Do you know how many hoes are fucking for a "pair of shoes" right now? The % between February and April is at 46.8%.

Take the money and set it aside. In the day and age we are living in right now....times are kinda hard and we can't depend on Obama sending us a check. Pay off some debt, pay some rent in advance.....something. Don't spend it on pussy, weed, bottles of NUVO, or ribs.....

wake up and stop being a hoe fella's

*Doc Lex Second Opinion*

I would DEFINITELY have to agree that Halloween has become an all year thing because niggaz are constantly "Treatin' these Tricks" as of lately. its damn near pathetic. its one thing if you want to spend money on YOUR girl but if its some random joint.....naw. unless she did something out of the ordinary or finished a major achievement, as a pimp once said "A hoe of mine don't get a dime". Plies, T.I and a couple of these other "charitable" ass niggaz are fuckin the game up for us. this is a recession right now, so my money goes to me and me. Appearently, niggaz is claimin' these females as dependants because they are splurgin on 'em like its a damn deductable or some shit. i have yet to see "Gross Annual Trickin'" on my W-2. But the main nigga who should be dropped kick while taking his grandmother to first sunday is Plies. HE started this whole damn thing. THIS dude made it cool to be a sucka ass nigga. "I pointed to the donk and said that's 'pose to be yours"........IF you had a jub, ya boppin as byatch. Growin up, i thought the term "Goon" meant a lowlife, grimey individual. now, because of THIS nigga, it means "pussy eating, hood Philanthropist". if you aren't my "main jawn" as they say in Philly, and you want some of MY cash, you better bring a nigga some A's on your next report card or some shit because its not happening. like i told my girl, "I'll give you the world, but you at least gotta give a nigga a few countries in return". its a two way thing females.


  1. "Suckin' the soul out us, we call 'em the golden mouthers and pay 'em for they service with Louie and Gucci pouches"

  2. Plies is a simp ass nigga huh? Ol bitch ass 5million head ass nigga. I never give money to a girl outta the blue. !Dude Named Beast!