Monday, June 8, 2009

Can you turn a hoe into a housewife?

Over the past few months...alot of my friends are either going through a divorce, had their “wifey” cheat, or worst got pregnant by another guy. After hearing the cry’s and pleads to for their spouse to stop with all of their wrong doings, I finally decided to blog about the situation, upon doing a little investigation.

What are hoe tendencies?
Having more than ten sex partners by age 21
Sleeping with guys off spite and sucking a fuckin
Talking or fucking several guys during the same period of time
Pretending to be “wifey material” when things are good but back to being a hoe when things aren’t looking too good.
Sucking and Fucking before 30 days or 15 dates.
Hoes are they friends, hoes are they enemies.
Use their body for anything i.e. money, jewelry, etc.
Usually have excuses to why they slept around but never any solution to stop it
So back to the question???? CAN YOU TURN A HOE INTO A HOUSEWIFE?
My answer is Yes and No,

No because you cant make someone be what they don’t want to be.

YES because when I was in New York I knew a guy who married a prostitute.....No he wasn’t ugly or broke he was a regular nigga who when ever you ask him why he married a “Hoe”? He would plainly tell you, “Because I never have to worry about her buying tickets to any of the events most men are promoting(sex money drugs). She has already, been there and done that.”

My good friend (who is still married) said that once his then girlfriend decided to restore value in something that has been cheapened and overused, he gained enough respect for her to marry her. Most hoes don’t know that the more guys they sleep with, the there pussy becomes cheapened and overused. Making it harder for someone to wife them up.

On the flip side (with no disrespect to my friend) You can dress a hoe up and make her look pretty, but hoes are like shit, farmers make shit look pretty but it still stinks and smells nasty as fuck!

So I am asking “can you turn a hoe into a housewife?” (below is a response from a female friend Texas)

The term has been used since the beginning of time but can it be done? Can you really turn a hoe into a housewife? Can you? I see this happening everywhere. Every time I turn and look I see a good brotha marrying (or wifing up) some slut bucket. Is this the new thing to do? Is this what men really want? Do you mean to tell me that my good behavior and not sleeping with every Tom, Dick and Harry is not attractive? I don't know. I'm starting to think that if I became a whore I would probably be married by now. Something is definitely wrong when women like Karrine Stephans are getting married and I'm not!!! Do I have to sleep with 30 dudes from the industry, write a book about it and detail what I'm great at in bed just to find my husband? Is this what I'm reduced to? Am I lost when thinking men want someone who is faithful, a good cook, a good Mom, a freak in the bed, and a generally nice looking woman? Do men no longer need those requirements? Do men now want something else? What I want to get across to everyone (whether male or female) is that what looks good to you is not necessarily good for you. You can have a fine looking woman, who strips, does King magazine photoshoots, dresses nice and has everything you desire in a woman....but get to know that woman.........and she may not be at all educated, she has attitude problems, she known to be a hoe where she is from and her kids are with anyone who is willing to watch them. Does she seem very attractive to you now?

Now for me to answer the question. Anyone under any circumstance can change...but people have to want to change, and you cannot make those changes for anyone. Those changes come within. I don't think any female should be referred to as a "hoe". People have issues and problems. You have to forgive and move on and take life's bitter/sweet lessons. It's so easy to spend time and energy on hate, it's ok to dislike the actions of a person but not the person.People make a lot of dumb ass decisions based on ignorance, or lack of knowledge. I think with any man or woman, it's wise to get to know a person before you invest your time, energy, heart and money into that person. Often times we get so swept up in the "feelings" or "romantic" part of things, we don't look at all of that, and the consequences can be deadly sometimes. Yes...people off themselves over this type of stuff.

It takes years to get to know a person. We all have vices. Sometimes peoples "vices" such as being promiscuous are seen more because that is an outward action. But what is behind that action, why does the person behave that way? What kind of disappointment and/or drama has that person experienced in their lives that lead them to making the wrong decision.

Life is about evolutions and change. No one will be who they were yesterday. You can make bad choices, learn from those bad choices and make a conscious decision to make better choices in the future if you choose to..... or you can continue to do dumb ass shit and make bad choices.

There's no easy answer. But I think that once you set standards and guidelines and boundaries for your life, then you wont run into situations that cause delimas. Each one of us has internal signals that say STOP..........NOOOOOOOOOOO............GO THE OTHER WAY NIGGA.........DANGER....but often times we don't heed that internal voice, we forge full steam ahead into situations that all too often cause physical, emotional and financial pain.

So I guess my answer to "can you turn a hoe into a housewife" cannot but the person with the issue can change and go on to be one of the most loving, successful people that you can imagine, but they have to want to do that.